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`If you do not seek out helpers and allies, then you will be isolated and weak.'
Sun Tzu

At Statoo Consulting we recognise the importance and value of strategic partnerships. We understand that partnerships play a key role to create new levels of business value for customers.

Partnering with Statoo Consulting offers you a greater business value, including increasing your revenue opportunities. Partner with Statoo Consulting and learn why common goals plus mutual commitment equals superior partnerships.

If together our two companies can create real value for customers, while generating new incremental revenues for both of us, then we probably have the basis for a great and fruitful partnership.

If you are interested in partnering with Statoo Consulting, please contact us.

Statoo Consulting is very grateful to all its existing partners. Especially, we would like to mention the following:
Statistica Statistica drives analytics-powered innovation to solve business challenges throughout your organisation. By embedding analytics everywhere and empowering a wider community, you can transform your business by making analytic based decisions. Statistica is a robust, full-featured advanced analytics platform that includes data aggregation and preparation, data discovery and visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, forecasting, and text analytics as well as model deployment and monitoring. Statistica is a complete and affordable predictive analytics solution.
StatSoft (Europe) GmbH StatSoft (Europe) GmbH, mit Sitz in Hamburg, ist ein Statistica Partner, der die Statistica Produktpalette vertreibt. Die Produktfamilie Statistica bietet hochleistungsfähige Software für Big-Data-Analysen, Statistik, Data Mining, Qualitätssicherung und Six Sigma.

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