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AntManaging Uncertainty to Improve Decision Making: Statistical Thinking for Managers
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What is Statistics?

`Statistics has been the most successful information science. Those who ignore statistics are condemned to reinvent it.'
Brad Efron

Statistics is the science of learning from (or making sense out of) data or turning data into knowledge.

It includes everything from planning for the collection of data and subsequent data management to end-of-the-line activities such as drawing conclusions of numerical facts called data and presentation of results.

Statistics is one of the most relevant and vital challenges of the information age that we live in.

We at Statoo Consulting know that all your activities are subject to uncertainty and that you have to make decisions in this environment.

Statistics is concerned with the study of uncertainty and with the study of decision-making in the face of uncertainty.

Statistics is central to decision-making. Managing uncertainty leads to better decision-making.

Because of the increasing use of statistics, it has become very important to understand and practise statistical thinking.

Want to know more about statistical thinking? Click here.

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